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Reason's Synchronous Rack Extension

Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques
Published February 2018
By Simon Sherbourne

Propellerhead’s uber-modulator Synchronous is now included for free with Reason 10.

For some reason I didn’t get to grips with Propellerhead’s Synchronous Rack Extension until recently. And now that Synchronous is part of the standard set of Reason 10 devices it seems the perfect time to have another look at this versatile modulation generator and synchronised effects processor.

Screen 1. Yes, with three layers of continuously variable modulation Synchronous is probably to blame for most dubstep!Screen 1. Yes, with three layers of continuously variable modulation Synchronous is probably to blame for most dubstep!Synchronous lets you hand craft three independent modulation sources with up to 32 steps each. These curves, sequences or envelopes can then be applied to the four built-in effects, or patched elsewhere via CV. In some ways it’s a forerunner of the custom envelope features in Europa and Grain. As well as letting you sculpt the exact LFO, envelope or step source you’re after, Synchronous can create complex and varied rhythmic movement....

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Published February 2018