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ReaVerb, Part 1 | Media

Reaper Tips & Techniques By Barry Watson
Published December 2011

Reaper workshop audio examples

The audio examples found here accompany Barry Watson's December 2011 Reaper workshop 'Act On Impulse'. Click here to view the article.


An unprocessed version of the vocal line.


The full-length impulse response at 4.0 seconds. This is an omnidirectional response measured at the altar of the impressive Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley.


The impulse response is time compressed to two thirds its original length using Trim/Gain/Stretch.


A high-pass filter is applied using the Filter (LP/HP) function. Frequency is set to 800Hz to produce a thinner, less dense-sounding reverb tail.


The impulse response file itself for your experimentation!

Thanks to Edward Dingwall for the use of an extract from the song 'My Goodbyes' for audio examples, and Matt Edwards at Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley, for access to the church to record the impulse responses.  

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