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Rhythm Selection

Sonar Tips & Techniques
Published November 2017
By Craig Anderton

The soft-synth insert menu lets you choose the number of individual outputs.The soft-synth insert menu lets you choose the number of individual outputs.

Create custom kits with Sonar’s Session Drummer 3.

I prefer drum loop libraries that include individual hits, so that I can expand upon what’s offered in the loops or create my own loops that are sonically compatible with existing loops. That requires a comprehensive way to put together drum kits, and although Addictive Drums 2 gets most of the ‘drum module’ attention in Sonar, it can’t load custom samples. Fortunately, Session Drummer 3 can.

Start by inserting SD3, which has 12 channels. You can choose a single stereo audio out and use SD3’s internal mixing and panning capabilities, or deploy mono outs for all 12 channels (which adds 24 individual audio output tracks), or stereo outs for all channels, which provides 12 audio tracks.Sonar_1117_01

The latter is my preferred option when processing individual sounds because it’s more compact than 24 mono...

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Published November 2017