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Cakewalk: Export Stems With Control Bar

Cakewalk By BandLab Tips & Tricks
By Craig Anderton

The Export Control Bar module gives quick access to export functions and makes it easy to export stems.The Export Control Bar module gives quick access to export functions and makes it easy to export stems.

Cakewalk's new Control Bar takes all the pain out of exporting stems.

Cakewalk has always had advanced export options, but now that functionality has been streamlined into a Control Bar module that simplifies exporting projects and, perhaps more importantly, stems.

Stems are a mixed collection of a limited number of tracks (but not an entire project), and are favoured for a variety of applications. When working with video, for example, having separate stems for dialogue, sound effects and music can make it easier to create a suitable mix of these elements, without altering the balance within each element. And while mastering engineers would traditionally work on a stereo or surround mix, some artists nowadays work with the mastering engineer to deliver a small number of stems, like the rhythm section, other instruments, lead vocal and background vocals. This gives the flexibility to deliver masters with different vocal balances, or tracks where it's easy to substitute different rhythms. Suppose you create a project with electronically generated drums and bass, but would prefer parts played by humans. Send the project as stems to your collaborator; after listening to the project with the drums and bass, he or she can replace the stem(s) with alternate parts. Similarly, DJs can benefit from using stems rather than whole mixes, to allow for more flexibility in crossfading, beat-matching and creating different arrangements on the fly. Even when performing ordinary mixing tasks, working with stems can help to declutter your project and also save some CPU power.

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Published November 2019