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Studio SOS: Getting A Better Recorded Drum Sound

Cirencester Sixth-Form College
Published July 2018
By Hugh Robjohns & Paul White

Studio SOS

This month’s Studio SOS challenge was to help a college music department get a better recorded drum sound.

This month’s Studio SOS saw us in the old Roman city of Cirencester, at the local sixth‑form college where instructor Charlie Baxter, accompanied by the Head of Music Rob Faulkner, asked us to help in getting a decent recorded sound from their somewhat battered Mapex drum kit (with Pearl snare drum). The courses they run comprise A‑Level Music Technology in addition to a Level 3 vocational course in Music Performance.

Kit Parade

The kit was set up in a small room with some rather sporadic DIY acoustic treatment, and the first thing that Hugh and I noticed was that pretty much all the wall surfaces were covered in carpet, though there were also some squares of fairly thin acoustic foam applied in places along with two large mineral‑wool panels leaned against the walls to help with bass trapping. A couple more foam panels were glued to the ceiling to help limit the amount of reflected sound getting into the overhead mics, but it was all a bit haphazard! This left very little in the way of reflective surfaces other than...

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Published July 2018