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Vocal Mics | Audio Files

Matching Mics & Voices By Matt Houghton
Published July 2010

Hear for yourself how each mic sounded on the different vocalists.

There's no substitute for hearing what a mic sounds like, so to accompany the feature on choosing vocal mics in SOS July 2010 (/sos/jul10/articles/vocalmics.htm), we've captured audio recordings of each of the mics used on each of the four vocalists mentioned in the main article. You can download each of the separate sessions as a ZIP file, each of which includes a number of WAV audio files.

The sessions were all tracked in Pro Tools 8, but have since been edited down in Logic, so that the files can simply be imported into any DAW software — just line everything up to start at bar 1 beat 1 and you'll be able to use the solo button to hear each file. We've left the Logic files there too, so if you use Logic you should be able to fire up the session without the need to import everything.

The shorter files are the recordings from the initial long-list of mics; the longer files, which are fewer in number, are recordings of the shortlisted mics, which we blind-tested to pick our favourite — why not see if you agree with our choices?  

Download Classical WAVs | 295 MB
Download Crooner WAVs | 89 MB
Download Jazz Pop Rock WAVs | 153 MB
Download Rap Hi-Res WAVs | 27 MB
Download Spoken Word WAVs | 44 MB