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    Studio SOS: Mixes That Don't Travel

    Tim Way

    Another reader's studio gets the benefit of expert SOS staff attention. This month, it's the turn of Tim Way, whose mixes sound fine in his own studio, but don't travel well.

    Techniques Sep 2002
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    Studio Ergonomics

    How To Identify & Minimise The Risks

    Most SOS readers spend a lot of time considering what equipment to buy, and learning how it works. But it's also important to consider the ergonomics of your studio if you're to avoid the possibility of painful, and surprisingly common, strain injuries.

    Techniques Jan 2002
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    ASC Studio Traps

    Portable Room Acoustic Baffles

    Studio Traps allow you to alter the acoustics of any room in minutes, so you can quickly deal with troublesome rooms or acoustically separate live mics from one another.

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    Practical Studio Design: Part5

    Room-Within-A-Room Construction

    In this final instalment, we present a practical overview of the 'room‑within‑a‑room' principle which is used in the construction of virtually all major studios.

    Techniques Dec 1993
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    Practical Studio Design: Part4

    Floors & Ceilings

    Having dealt with walls and floors, we move on to the floors and ceilings of the studio, with a view to reducing sound leakage even further.

    Techniques Nov 1993
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    Practical Studio Design: Part3

    Building And Improving Walls & Partitions

    We turn our attention to uprating studio walls, as well as techniques for building sound‑isolating partitions.

    Techniques Oct 1993
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    Practical Studio Design: Part2

    Soundproofing Doors And Windows

    This month, we examine doors and windows, the most vulnerable areas when it comes to sound leakage.

    Techniques Sep 1993
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    Practical Studio Design: Part1

    The Principles Of Soundproofing

    SOS begins an in‑depth series on practical studio design. This month, the emphasis is on measures you can take to soundproof your studio or practice room.

    Techniques Aug 1993


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