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Genelec UNIO Audio Monitoring Platform 9320A Reference Controller monitoring calibration

Genelec UNIO platform & 9320A monitor controller

The upcoming 9320A Reference Controller will offer seamless integration between Genelec's Smart Active Monitor (SAM) series, GLM 5.0 speaker calibration software and Aural ID 2.0 headphone technology.

Genelec 5-Year Warranty studio monitor service

Genelec introduce 5-year warranty

By registering their Genelec monitors on the company’s website, users are now able to extend their warranty by an extra three years, with both parts and labour costs covered.

Genelec 8381A SAM Adaptive Woofer Smart Active System Minimum Diffraction Coaxial main studio monitors

Genelec unveil 8381A SAM monitoring system

Genelec's latest Smart Active Monitoring system expands on the technology used in The Ones range, offering controlled directivity along with an uncoloured on- and off-axis response.

HTWK Leipzig immersive audio monitoring Genelec The Ones 8331 8340 8350 7360 7370 7380 GLM 4 DSP correction

HTWK Leipzig immersive studios

HTWK Leipzig have upgraded their production and presentation spaces, which are now kitted out with Genelec multi-channel immersive monitoring systems.  

Forbes Street Studio Dolby Atmos Genelec SAM Smart Active Monitor 8351B 7382A subwoofer immersive audio surround mixing

New Atmos room at Forbes Street Studios

Sydney’s Forbes Street Studios have recently converted their main studio into an immersive mixing room due to an increase in demand for Dolby Atmos mixes. 


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