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Genelec unveil 8381A SAM monitoring system

The Ones range gains flagship floor-standing monitors

Genelec 8381A SAM Adaptive Woofer Smart Active System Minimum Diffraction Coaxial main studio monitors

Genelec are celebrating their 45th anniversary this year, and are marking the occasion with the release of the 8381A Smart Active Monitoring system, a new flagship floor-standing monitoring solution that is capable of intelligently adapting to any acoustic environment. Expanding on the patented technology used in the company’s The Ones range, the system promises to raise the bar even higher by offering controlled directivity along with an uncoloured on- and off-axis response.

Drivers & DSP

The 8381A utilises a proprietary MDC (Minimum Diffraction Coaxial) mid-range and high-frequency driver surrounded by four five-inch dome drivers that form a mid-range transduction system, all of which use Genelec’s DSP engine, which the company say results in extraordinary clarity, imaging and adaptability. A forward-facing 15-inch low-frequency driver sits directly below, and is supplemented by an additional pair of 15-inch drivers placed on either side of the bottom section of the cabinet.

The low-frequency drivers employ the Adaptive Woofer System technology originally developed for the W371A subwoofer, which is said to offer accurate control over the system’s low-frequency output and provide a smooth response at the listening position that is highly resistant to issues caused by reflections and resonances within the room.

The frequency range of the system is quoted as an impressive 20Hz to 35kHz (-6dB), and almost 6kW of amplification allows a pair of 8381As to deliver a maximum SPL of 126dB, a figure which Genelec say is the highest achieved by any precision point-source monitor design to date.

GLM Integration

Tight integration with the company’s GLM management software provides the ability to calibrate, configure and control the system, further minimising the effect of the listening room’s acoustics and allowing the user to ensure that the system is capable of delivering mixes that translate well to other systems.

The software also includes the GRADE Room Report feature, which is capable of producing a full analysis of the system’s performance, providing users and studio designers with data to assist in tuning their room’s acoustic treatment, adjusting monitor and listening positions and optimising their bass management solutions.

“The demand for high quality free-standing full-range monitoring systems has been clear from the exceptional response to The Ones and W371A combination. It was also evident that there was a desire from customers for a free-standing system that could deliver even more headroom and increased low-frequency extension. And while we continue to offer a wide range of soffit-mounting main monitors, we’re confident that the flexibility and mobility of a floor-standing adaptive system like the 8381A will provide the perfect solution for any discerning user seeking a truly next-generation sonic reference.” - Siamäk Naghian, Managing Director of Genelec

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the 8381A Smart Active Monitoring system is yet to be announced.

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