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Genelec UNIO platform & 9320A monitor controller

Upcoming SAM, GLM & Aural ID integration

Genelec UNIO Audio Monitoring Platform 9320A Reference Controller monitoring calibration

Genelec have announced that they will be launching the 9320A Reference Controller at the upcoming IBC exhibition in Amsterdam. The controller will form part of a new UNIO Audio Monitoring Service Platform, which will offer seamless integration between the company’s Smart Active Monitor (SAM) series, GLM speaker calibration software and Aural ID 2.0 headphone technology.

Genelec 9320A Reference Controller monitor control GLM Aural IDThe 9320A will be able to control up to three SAM monitoring systems and offer quick access to key GLM software functions.With the introduction of the new platform, users will be able to integrate Genelec’s speaker and headphone calibration technologies with their user accounts, whilst the 9320A will provide control over the entire system from a single, compact desktop device.

The controller will offer management of up to three SAM systems wiith support for channel formats from stereo up to immersive, as well as boasting  built-in Aural ID 2.0 functionality and a reference-grade headphone amplifer.

It will also ship with factory-calibrated reference microphone to allow automated system calibration and control of key GLM software features.

As well as offering control over SAM systems, the controller is also equipped with it’s own set of I/O for direct connection with stereo monitoring systems, with a pair of analogue inputs and outputs joined by AES/EBU and USB-based digital connectivity.

To coincide with the launch, Genelec will also be releasing version 5.0 of their GLM loudspeaker management software, which will provide support for the new controller and flagship 8381A main monitors unveiled earlier in 2023.

“Audio professionals in music, broadcast, post-production and game audio are increasingly wanting the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want, even if that sometimes involves unpredictable and challenging acoustic environments. To be able to switch instantly between well calibrated in-room and headphone monitoring without any interruption in workflow is crucial to this way of working, and so we see UNIO and the 9320A as powerful tools in creating a truly next-generation reference-quality monitoring system.” - Siamäk Naghian,  Managing Director, Genelec

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the 9320A Reference Controller is yet to be announced.

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