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Genelec introduce 5-year warranty

Additional three years of cover for registered products

Genelec 5-Year Warranty studio monitor service

Loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec have announced that they are introducing a 5-year warranty on all of their designs. By registering their Genelec monitors on the company’s website, users are now able to extend their warranty by an extra three years, with both parts and labour costs covered.

The company now provide QR codes on the packaging of their product to help simplify the process of registering, allowing users to quickly and easily enter their model and serial numbers online. Once customer details and proof of purchase documents are uploaded, Genelec’s distributor service centres around the world can then quickly verify the warranty status of any models returned for repair.

"We’ve always been focused on designing loudspeaker solutions that provide decades of reliable performance for our customers, but we also want to offer them the extra peace of mind that comes with a secure extended warranty. We’re confident that our new 5-year warranty will make our customers' lives easier, highlight the trustworthiness of the Genelec brand and signal our continued commitment to sustainable development." - Ole Jensen, International Sales Director, Genelec

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