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Minimal Audio

Minimal Audio Flex Chorus effect plug-in

Minimal Audio launch Flex Chorus

The latest plug-in from Minimal Audio promises to deliver everything from precise stereo enhancement to huge-sounding unison effects

Minimal Audio Fuse Compressor multi-band dynamics plug-in macro controls mid-side stereo

Minimal Audio release Fuse Compressor

Fuse Compressor has been designed to provide a quick and simple way of setting up multi-band compression, but still offers plenty of in-depth control for those who wish to fine-tune the results. 

Minimal Audio Stream online cloud-based sample library download subscription service

Minimal Audio Stream: Cloud-based sample platform

Minimal Audio's new cloud-based platform provides access to the samples found in their Sound Packs, and will eventually be expanded to an all-in-one service that includes all of their sounds, instruments and effects.

Minimal Audio Cluster Delay modulated delay effect ambient soundscape creation plug-in

Minimal Audio release Cluster Delay

Minimal Audio's latest plug-in creates delay sequences which can be shaped over time and processed with a range of built in effects and modulation functions. 


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