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Minimal Audio unveil Current synthesis platform

Integrates with Stream cloud-based service

Minimal Audio Current software wavetable granular additive FM AM synthesizer sampler cloud-based presets sounds

Minimal Audio’s latest release, Current, promises to be much more than another soft synth, offering a virtual instrument and effects suite that integrates with the company’s cloud-based content platform.

Sound Engines

Current is powered by five engines that offer a wide variety of synthesis methods along with a sample-based module, a selection of different filter options, a comprehensive modulation matrix and a wealth of built-in effects. A pair of wavetable oscillators provide everything from analogue-style patches to bowed strings and bass sounds, with a pair of effects slots offering processes such as formant shifting, wave shaping, spectral manipulation and more.

The instrument’s granular engine can be used to completely reshape samples into new sounds, and is kitted out with features such as rhythmic grain layering and multi-position playback that Minimal Audio say will be enjoyed by newcomers and granular experts alike. There is a sub-oscillator module dedicated to creating high-impact kick and bass sounds, and a sampler loaded with a high-quality time-stretching algorithm designed to make full use of the company’s extensive loop library.

An FM section provides both frequency and amplitude modulation capabilities in a user-friendly view, making it simple to use cross-modulation and feedback to generate new and interesting sounds. Current is also equipped with a pair of filters that offer over 50 different modes; they can be routed in series or parallel configurations, and also benefit from an automatic gain compensation feature.

Modulation & Effects

There are plenty of modulation options on offer, with envelopes and LFOs joined by curve sequencers and envelope followers, all of which can be accessed quickly via a control bar along the bottom of the GUI. Sources can be dragged and dropped to any destination, and the interface makes it possible to swap modulators without interrupting their connection, as well as allowing cross-modulation between sources. There is also support for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), allowing for enhanced expressive control when paired with compatible instruments and controllers.

Current comes loaded with Minimal Audio’s entire effects suite, and includes processors such as Rift Distortion, Morph EQ, Cluster Delay, Fuse Compressor, Flex Chorus and more. Up to nine effects can be loaded at once, arranged in any order, and saved as rack presets. Onboard MIDI effects are provided, too, with an arpeggiator and chord generator allowing users to quickly create melodic patterns and chord progressions that are locked to a defined scale.


Current has been designed to form part of Minimal Audio’s new Stream ecosystem, which offers a cloud-based collection of samples, loops, wavetables and presets. Content from the service can be browsed and loaded directly from a tab in the instrument itself, providing users with a huge selection of additional content without needing to leave their session.


Current is supported on PCs running Windows 10 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.9 or higher. It is available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

Current is available now, and is priced at $15 / month if paid monthly, or $10 / month if paid annually.

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