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Nembrini Audio MP1 Pro virtual ADA MP-1 tube valve guitar preamp plug-in emulation

Nembrini Audio MP1 Pro plug-in

This latest plug-in from Nembrini Audio aims to recreate the tones provided by the classic ADA MP-1 guitar preamp, and also includes some built-in effects and cabinet modelling. 

Nembrini Audio Bass Driver Tech 21 SansAmp emulation multi-band overdrive distortion EQ amp simulator cabinet emulation plug-in

Nembrini Audio release Bass Driver

Nembrini Audio's latest plug-in has been inspired by Tech 21's SansAmp Bass Driver DI, and extends the capabilities of the original by including built-in cabinet and microphone emulations. 

Nembrini Audio Wah Pedal free effect plug-in

Nembrini Audio - free Wah Pedal plug-in

Nembrini Audio have announced the release Wah Pedal, a new plug-in which has been modelled on the classic Wah pedal created by the Thomas Organ Company.

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