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Techivation AI-Loudener machine learning loudness plug-in

Techivation launch AI-Loudener

Techivations latest plug-in has been designed to increase the loudness of mixes without raising their peak level. 

Techivation M-Puncher plug-in

Techivation launches M-Puncher

M-Puncher's unique ability to process attack and sustain components separately allows users to amplify their mix's impact and ambience.

Techivation M-Blender spectral compression prevent frequency masking plug-in

M-Blender plug-in from Techivation

Techivation's latest plug-in uses a side-chain input to apply spectral processing to its input source and 'carve out' space to prevent frequency masking when the the two signals are mixed together. 

Techivation M-Compressor spectral upward downward compression plug-in

Techivation launch M-Compressor

Techivation’s latest plug-in combines upward and downward compression and aims to deliver clean, distortion-free dynamics processing that will suit a wide variety of sources.

Techivation M-De-Esser plug-in spectral shaping processing vocal sibilance harshness

Techivation introduce M-De-Esser plug-in

Techivation's latest offering takes an innovative approach to de-essing, employing a spectral shaping algorithm to tackle sibilance and harshness in vocal recordings.

Techivation M-Clarity dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in clean muddy boxy sounds

M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Described as a dynamic resonance suppressor, Techivation's latest plug-in aims to enhance the overall clarity and tonal balance of individual sources or entire mixes using spectral shaping technology.

Techivation T-Compressor M compression plug-in serial parallel multiple instances VST3 AU AAX

Techivation T-Compressor M unveiled

T-Compressor M is an expanded version of Techivation's T-Compressor plug-in, and is only being sold until the end of December 2022.

Techivation T-Imager mid-side stereo imaging plug-in

Techivation launch T-Imager

T-Imager from Techivation uses a mix of level and filter-based processing to adjust a source's stereo image without introducing any artefacts.

Techivation T-Puncher Free transient shaper plug-in aax au VST3

Techivation launch T-Puncher Free

T-Puncher Free offers users a simplified version of Techivation's T-Puncher transient shaper plug-in, and is completely free of charge. 


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