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Universal Audio

Universal Audio UAFX OX Stomp speaker cabinet microphone room modelling guitar effects pedal

Universal Audio unveil OX Stomp pedal

Universal Audio’s new OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator comes packed with authentic-sounding cabinet, microphone and room models, as well as offering a selection of built-in studio-quality effects.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X USB UAD-2 Windows interface DSP plug-in

Universal Audio unveil Apollo Twin X USB

With the launch of the Apollo Twin X USB, all of the features of UA's popular compact desktop audio interface are now available to Windows users via USB 3.

UAFX Pedals Universal Audio UAD guitar effects 1176 compressor plate reverb Maestro Echoplex delay

Universal Audio’s latest UAFX pedals

Universal Audio's newest UAFX pedals each offer authentic emulations of sought-after vintage processors and boast a more compact form factor than the line-up’s previous offerings.


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