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CEDAR Audio | Podcast

Real-time Audio Restoration & Noise Suppression By Hugh Robjohns
Published March 2022
CEDAR Audio Managing Director, Gordon Reid

CEDAR Audio has led the world in audio restoration and noise suppression for over three decades. Hugh Robjohns talks to Managing Director Gordon Reid about their ground-breaking technologies.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
00:19 - CEDAR Audio Beginnings
01:45 - The National Sound Archive
06:15 - Cleaning Up Old Recordings
08:12 - Working In Real Time
10:36 - Developing Rackmount Units
11:52 - Making User-Friendly Products
14:27 - Building A Team Of Developers
17:06 - Introducing Machine Learning And AI
21:25 - The Move Into Post-Production
25:34 - The Invention Of Spectral Editing And Retouch
29:26 - Algorithmic Technology
36:10 - Involvement In Forensics
39:02 - Blind Source Separation And AudioTelligence
44:04 - Future Opportunities

CEDAR Audio - Biog

CEDAR Audio is committed to furthering the science and art of noise suppression, audio restoration and speech enhancement in all of their forms, and actively pursues research into each of them. The company pioneered real-time audio restoration, spectral editing, zero-latency dialogue noise suppression, and many other processes that are now industry standards. It has worked closely with the world’s most famous studios, record companies and bands to ensure that they obtain the highest audio quality, not just from vintage material but also from audio recorded today that suffers from some sort of noise problem. If you enjoy a trip to the cinema, you're almost certainly listening to sound that has been perfected using CEDAR and, from the newsrooms of major broadcasters to reality TV, to studio-based shows, to sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup football. The company is also proud to include many of the world's archives and libraries as well as law enforcement agencies and security organisations as customers and friends.

Gordon Reid - Biog

Gordon Reid is the Managing Director of CEDAR Audio and has helped guide the company to an Emmy, an Academy Award, two Cinema Audio Society Awards and numerous other accolades. He is widely known in the fields of audio restoration, noise suppression for post and broadcast, audio forensics and speech enhancement, and he co-founded AudioTelligence, which develops technologies for applications ranging from hearing assistance to advanced surveillance systems.

Interviewer: Hugh Robjohns - Biog

Hugh Robjohns, SOS Technical Editor c.2020Hugh Robjohns has been Sound On Sound's Technical Editor since 1997. Prior to that he worked in a variety of (mostly) sound-related roles in BBC Television, ending up as a Sound Operations Lecturer at the BBC's technical training centre.

He continues to provide audio consultancy and bespoke broadcast audio training services all over the world, lectures at professional and public conventions, and occasionally records and masters acoustic and classical music too! 

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