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2nd International Linux Audio Conference

April 29th to May 2nd, Karlsruhe, Germany
From April 29th to May 2nd, 2004, the ZKM (Centre for Arts and Media Technology) in Karlsruhe, Germany will host the second International Linux Audio Conference.
Notable developers from around the world will present Linux software from diverse areas including hard disk recording, software sound synthesis, sampling and score editing. Experts will be available to give advice and useful hints, while several concerts and a sound installation will demonstrate using Linux software for music composition and production. The end of the conference will be marked by a panel discussion about the future of libre audio software under Linux.
During the conference the brand-new Lionstracs Mediastation will be on show. This keyboard, targeted towards music production, is based almost completely on Linux software. Also promised is a CD-bootable Live Linux audio system, developed to help newcomers try out the Linux platform.
The conference programme and further information are available at

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