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AES 2009: Waves WNS (Video)

Noise suppressor, LoAir and Multirack
Plug-in powerhouses Waves announced four new plug-ins at AES: a background-noise-reduction plug-in called WNS Noise Supressor, a sub-harmonic generator called LoAir, a live sound environment called MultiRack and an innovative 'automation writer' called Vocal Rider.

Billed as “the first in a new line of dedicated Waves Post Production tools”, WNS Noise Suppressor handles real-time noise reduction across six bands. Designed for dialogue post-production, the plug-in purports to detect and remove both constant and modulating environment noise. Joining WNS in the post-production category, LoAir is intended for use in 5.1 mixing, generating and enhancing sub-sonic LFE (low frequency effect) content from an mono, stereo, 5.0 or 5.1 source This is one of the many plug-ins designed for post-production that could find a home in music production, especially in genres which demand thunderous bass content, such as hip hop. Multirack is designed as a software solution for front-of-house engineers, providing Waves processing for live mixing. The interface displays channels as effects-chains, and allows an engineer to replace racks of hardware with a laptop and an audio interface.

The video below details the WNS. Since we have a separate video for the vocal rider, you can read about it here.

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