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AES 2009: Tascam DP-008 (Video)

8-Track digital portastudio
Tascam’s history is punctuated with portable recorders, and their Portastudio range was arguable the first made home recording cheap and broadly accessible. The latest evolution of the Portastudio is the DP008, an eight track digital recorder expanding the DP004. It records two tracks at a time in 44.1kHz, 16-bit WAV, storing the recording SD Card media up to 32GB in size. A 2GB card is included in the package, and the USB cable can be used to backup songs. Every channel includes a volume, pan, reverb send and two-band EQ control, and there are two phantom-powered XLR inputs and 2 jack inputs, one of which can be set to line level. If you find yourself without a mic, there are two built-in electret mics for stereo recording, and portable power comes from four AA batteries, with an adaptor included for good measure. The DR008 is shipping soon, with an expected price of around £299.

Tascam +44 (0)845 1302511

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