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AES 2009: BAE 1073 MPF (Video)

Mic preamp and filter
The BAE 1073 MPF is a recreation of two modules from the famous vintage classic Neve 1073: a mic pre and a filter. The 1U rack gives you two channels of authentic, hand build, point-to-point (as opposed to circuit board) wired preamplification, switchable for usage with microphones or line-level sources. Usefully, the line inputs are on the front panel, allowing you to plug a bass or keyboard straight in. Impedance is switchable between 300Ω and 1200Ω for a variety of tones. The BAE 1073 will be shipping soon at Funky Junk in the UK, with a price yet to be announced.

Funky Junk +44 (0)207 263 9186

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