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AES 2017: Dangerous Music Convert-AD+(Video)

New A-D converter features Clip Guard, Emphasis circuit and Hammond transformers. 

At the AES Convention in New York, Dangerous Music were showing off their brand new CONVERT-AD+ analogue-to-digital converter. The new converter is designed to offer a creative edge in the realm of A-D conversion. To that end, it features an X-Former button that engages some of Chris Muth's sonic wizardry via a pair of custom- implemented Hammond transformers. It also emplys an Emphasis circuit adds a custom shelving EQ/Compressor circuit to induce 2nd order harmonic distortion to blend in a bit of mid-warmth and sparkle.

It sports dual stereo analogue inputs; 'Clip Guard’, a function described as being for "removing clipping indication at your destination meters resulting in no rejections for CD Masters, Mastered for iTunes, and Spotify.” Another interesting addition is Meter Zooming technology that lets you see the top 10dB of dynamic activity for a fine-resolution look at the zone that matters most when mixing and mastering.

It operates at sample rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, has selectable calibration for -14, -16, and -18 dBFS. It features Word Clock I/O, dual stereo AES outputs as well as ADAT, SPDIF Optical, and SPDIF and RCA outputs and USB connectivity for Windows and Mac.

The Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ is expected to be available through dealers worldwide in November 2017 with a street price $2599 in the US.

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