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AMS Neve bring back the BCM10 sidecar

Legendary small desk returns

Originally designed as a compact broadcast desk, the Neve BCM10 became a popular ‘sidecar’ in high-end studios — a secondary console used alongside the main desk to increase the channel count for tracking or mixdown and expand the sonic options available. In modern, DAW-dominated studios where high-quality input channels and analogue summing are highly prized, the ‘sidecar’ format has taken on a different significance, not as a secondary or additional console but potentially the analogue front and back end of the digital recording system.

As sought-after as they are hard to find, the BCM10 has assumed legendary status. Now AMS Neve are bringing this desirable desk back in the form of the BCM10/2 Mk2 Limited Edition. Available in 10-, 16-, 24- and 32-channel configurations, the BCM10/2 features 1272 summing mixers and your choice of Neve input channels: 1073N, 1073 Classic or 1084. Two 500-series slots are equipped with 2264ALB compressors, patchable or selectable across the whole mix bus. Connecting via convenient D-Sub connectors, the new console features extensive input and output options, with direct pre-/post-insert outputs on every channel and additional inputs to double the channel count on mixdown. Other features include two stereo reverb returns with width, mono and balance controls, and a monitor section feeding stereo and 5.1 outputs. Pricing will rule out use in most home studios — according to some sources, the most basic model is just shy of $75,000, but the first of these new consoles are due to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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