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Analogue Solutions Ample synth now available

Desktop instrument boasts all-analogue design

Analogue Solutions Ample desktop synthesizer vintage circuit design

Analogue Solutions have announced that their recently revealed desktop synthesizer is now available to purchase. Ample combines features found in the company’s Fusebox, Concussor, Vostok, Dr Strangelove and Generator devices, and comes equipped with a comprehensive set of controls that promise to please beginners and seasoned synth enthusiasts alike.

Given the company’s name, it’s no surprise that Ample maintains an all-analogue signal path throughout; with the exception of the chip used to offer MIDI connectivity there are no digital components to be found. There are three oscillators that offer sawtooth, triangle and square wave outputs, along with a four-pole 24dB/octave low-pass filter. A dedicated triangle wave LFO is provided, and the third oscillator can be put to work as an additional LFO with all three of its waveshapes available for modulation duties.

A pair of envelope generators with control over attack, decay, sustain and release follow, along with an Echo effect section equipped with dedicated Time, Feedback and Level parameters. The instrument’s VCA offers a Thru mode, allowing Ample to be used an effects processor for external sources.

There’s a comprehensive selection of modulation routing options, and the device utilises the patch pin matrix found on Analogue Solutions’ Vostok — 15 pins are provided with the instrument, with additional packs available for purchase separately. It’s also possible to integrate Ample with Eurorack and other modular setups thanks to a selection of audio and CV outputs.

In terms of performance controls, there are six touch keys that output set voltages, and can be used to play pitches or function as modulation signals, along with an onboard vintage-style 16-step sequencer.

Pricing & Availability

Ample is available to order now, priced at £1999 including VAT. Additional patch pins are available in packs of 15, priced at £35 including VAT.

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