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Apogee Thunderbolt interfaces integrate better with Logic

New Apogee Control Software 2.0 puts hardware monitoring in Logic

Apogee have announced an update to their Element and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces that will interest users of Logic Pro X. By installing the Apogee Control Software update version 2.0 and Logic Pro X 10.3.2, users will be able to switch to direct hardware monitoring of any audio input directly from the channel strip in Logic’s mixer. Direct monitoring eliminates any latency for the performer during recording. Most of us have come to accept that having to call up a separate control panel for our audio interface in order to make this change is just a necessary irritation that comes with recording in a DAW environment, so this closer integration is a welcome innovation. 

The update, which also adds a raft of new features for Ensemble Thunderbolt interfaces allows for two Ensembles (or one Ensemble Thunderbolt and one Element) to connect simultaneously for double the I/O. For the Ensemble interfaces, it replaces the Maestro 2 control software delivering a vastly updated interface that can sit alongside your DAW. The new Apogee Control software also lets you control Ensemble Thunderbolt with an iOS remote app and the Apogee Control hardware remote, launched alongside the Elements range.

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