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ART MX225 & MX622

Rackmount mixers
ART have released two new rackmount mixers, the MX225 and the MX622. Both are designed primarily for installation use, in venues such as conference rooms, churches and clubs, where control over multiple sound sources and speaker groups is required.

The MX225 is the simpler of the two models, allowing the user to mix two line-level stereo inputs independently into five stereo output zones. Its front panel provides controls for changing the level of each input in each zone, as well as five-step LED metering and a mono switch for all the outputs.

The more feature-rich MX622 is designed to combine up to three mic or line inputs and up to three stereo line-level signals into a single stereo mix. Mic inputs are on balanced XLRs, with phantom power switched using small DIP switches. (The phantom supply is only 15V, so it’s best to check your mic specifications to ensure compatibility.)

The mixer uses RCA phono sockets for its stereo line inputs, while main outputs are in TRS jack format, and there’s also an effects loop, which is ideal for patching in a master reverb unit, for example. On the front panel are level knobs and accompanying clip LEDs for the three mic inputs, plus controls for the three line inputs, the effects send and the master output. Wrapping up the feature set is a simple two-knob EQ.

The MX225 retails for £159, while the MX622 costs £189.

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