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Arturia release Pigments 4

New filters and effects alongside GUI enhancements

Arturia Pigments 4 multi-engine softsynth update upgrade modular software synthesizer plug-in

Arturia have announced that Pigments 4, the latest version of their multi-engine software synthesizer, is now available. The comprehensive update introduces a number of changes to the instrument’s layout along with enhancements to almost every module. Best of all, the upgrade is free to existing users, with Arturia also offering discounts to new users for a limited time.

New Features

The instrument’s GUI has been refreshed, and now includes a higher-contrast Light Mode along with a Play Mode which offers a simplified overview of the currently loaded sound with stripped-back modules and hands-on macro controls. Modulation functionality has also been improved, with users now able to set up routings by clicking and dragging modulation sources to their destinations, whilst a range of LFO presets have also been introduced.

Arturia Pigments 4 multi-engine softsynth update upgrade modular software synthesizer plug-inPigments 4's GUI has been refreshed, and the instrument has also gained a range of new effects and modulation capabilities.New built-in effects and filters have also been implemented, with Pigments 4 gaining an MS-20 Filter with HP6 and LP12 modes, a Shimmer Reverb effect which offers a range of reverbs and comes equipped with its own built-in modulation and two octaves of pitch shifting, and a Super Unison processor which provides a chorus-like effect capable of creating ensemble timbres from a single voice.

A selection of enhancements have also been made to existing modules, with the Jup-8 filter now benefitting from an FM control, and both the Multi Filter and Distortion algorithms gaining a new Notch Filter mode. Additionally, the instrument’s Bitcrusher has now doubled in size and offers new Jitter, Scale, and extra Downsampling options.

Pigment 4 offers an expanded sound library, with a wide range of new factory presets covering basses, leads, pads, and percussive sounds. 63 new wavetables are available, along with 67 new sounds for the Sample & Granular engine, and 36 new noise types for use with the Utility Engine Noise modules.

Sound Banks

Arturia have also released three new sound banks alongside the launch of Pigments 4, each of which include a total of 150 presets. Wavelengths Lo-fi offers a selection of sounds which promise to add retro colour and character to hip hop, trap, and electronic music productions, whilst Wavelengths Neuro Bass provides a range of bass sounds that utilise the instrument’s filters and effects. Finally, Wavelengths Cinematic focuses on providing a new palette of sounds well suited to contemporary film scores.


Pigments 4 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and above. It is available in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats, and also as a standalone application.

Pricing & Availability

Pigments 4 is available now. Existing users are able to download the upgrade free of charge, and are also able to purchase the Wavelengths Bundle which includes the three new sound banks for $19.90€19.90 (usually priced at $89.97€89.97), or individual banks for $9.90€9.90 (reduced from $29.99€29.99), until 4 January 2023.

Over the same period, new users are able to purchase the instrument for $99€99, reduced from its full price of $199€199. Registered Arturia customers are also eligible for personal introductory offers, which can be redeemed from within their user accounts.

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