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MIDI Innovation Awards 2023 Call For Entries 

Entries to the competition are now open

MIDI Association Innovation Awards

Are you exploring new ways for musicians to interact with digital musical instruments? Have an idea for an original electronic instrument or controller? Trying to raise investment or attract attention for a new product? If you're looking to make waves in music technology, you need to know about The MIDI Innovation Awards.

In 2023, MIDI celebrates its 40th birthday. The universal language of synths, controllers, and electronic instruments, MIDI 1.0 revolutionised music in the 1980s. Now, MIDI 2.0 is poised to unleash a second revolution. Massively extended and reimagined for the computer age, yet fully backwards compatible, MIDI 2.0 opens up endless possibilities for creative developers. 

A joint initiative created by Music Hackspace, The MIDI Association, and NAMM, The MIDI Innovation Awards are now in their third year. The Awards showcase products and projects that are using MIDI 1.0 and 2.0 in fresh and original ways, highlighting the role that MIDI technology has to play in enabling musical creativity.

For 2023, The MIDI Innovation Awards are proud to welcome new partners including Sound On Sound, and Music China, who will host the awards ceremony at their Autumn 2023 trade fair in Shanghai.

Musicians and inventors around the world will have a unique opportunity to present their ideas on a global stage, and the winners will gain invaluable help in bringing their products to market. Prizes include an exhibition booth at the 2023 NAMM Show, coverage in Sound On Sound, an opportunity to exhibit at Music China, and significant support from The MIDI Association and Music Hackspace for the development of MIDI 2.0 prototypes.

The MIDI Innovation awards are open to individuals, artists, and companies who work with MIDI to build innovative products or interactive experiences. 

2023 MIDI Innovation Awards Categories

  • Commercial Hardware Products
  • Commercial Software Products
  • Prototypes and non-commercial hardware products
  • Prototypes and non-commercial software products
  • Artistic/Visual Project or Installation

The MIDI Innovation Awards welcomes entries from, but not limited to: MIDI instruments, controllers, software, art installation, MIDI peripherals, I/O boxes, lighting systems, automated systems, and more. 

Entries to the competition are open, and applicants are invited to submit their entry here.

A jury is being assembled to represent the wider music industry and its many facets, including artists, engineers, and innovators. Entries will be judged on four attributes: innovation, inspiring and novel qualities, interoperability, and practical / commercial viability.

Registration will close in April 2023, and a public vote will begin in June 2023. The winners will be announced at Music China in Autumn 2023.

More details are available via the link below.

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