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ASM Hydrasynth 2.0 update

Introduces a wealth of new performance features

ASM Hydrasynth 2.0 digital sound design synthesizer update polyphonic aftertouch Explorer Desktop Deluxe

ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) have announced the release of a version 2.0 software update for their popular Hydrasynth range, bringing a range of new programming and performance capabilities to all four models, as well as expanding the patch memory for the Desktop, Explorer and 49-key versions.

A wealth of new performance options are provided by the update, with three sustain pedal modes available for each patch, including a new Mod Only mode which allows a pedal to be used as a mod source without sustaining the patch. The resolution of the dedicated Pitch LFO has been increased by a factor of 10, and the Glide function has gained a new Glissando mode which offers a ‘stepped’ glide that follows a selected scale rather than simply gliding smoothly between start and end notes.

The arpeggiator has been expanded and is now capable of spanning six octaves, and a new Arp Step Offset parameter has been implemented, allowing phrase or arpeggiator steps to be offset forwards or backwards by up to 32 steps.

The VoiceMod menu now allows users to define a per-voice offset that can be applied to any destination via the Mod Matrix, which can be used for tasks such as introducing analogue-like instability by setting each voice’s filter cutoff parameters to slightly different values, for example. The feature also introduces two new sources in the ModMatrix: VoiceMod (bipolar) and VoiceMd+ (unipolar), at least one of which much be routed for the VoiceMod feature to work. The LFO One-Shot feature has gained a new Step mode, allowing an LFO to be divided into up to 64 steps, with the next step in the sequence playing each time the LFO is triggered.

Improvements have been made to the Favorites section, which will now remember the page which was being viewed and reopen in the same place if a user leaves the menu to edit their patch. Three new patch banks have been added to the Desktop, Explorer and 49-key variants, allowing them to store an additional 384 patches, matching the memory available on the Deluxe version.

A range of system settings have also been updated, including individual brightness controls for various LED indicator groups and individual effects bypass functionality. Additionally, the instrument’s Local On/Off status can now be saved and recalled on power up.


The 2.0 update is free to all existing Hydrasynth users, and is available to download now. A full document outlining and explaining the new features is also provided.

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