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ASM reveal HydraSynth Silver Edition

Popular synth gets limited-edition 5th Anniversary run

ASM HydraSynth Keyboard Deluxe Silver Edition anniversary limited edition

The ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) HydraSynth has proved to be a hugely popular instrument since its introduction five years ago — not least because of it’s implementation of polyphonic aftertouch — and the range now boasts four models to choose from. To celebrate the synth’s fifth birthday, ASM have announced the upcoming launch of the 5th Anniversary Silver Edition versions of the 49- and 73-note HydraSynth Keyboard and HydraSynth Deluxe.

The new models sport a sparkling silver finish, and each come with a ‘5th Anniversary Silver Edition’ legending on their top panel. According to the company, just 200 of each version will be built, meaning they are likely to become highly sought-after in the future. As well as the cosmetic differences, ASM have also worked closely with a carefully chosen team of sound designers to create an exclusive custom patch bank, kitting the instruments out with a whole host of new factory sounds.

ASM HydraSynth Silver EditionBoth the HydraSynth Keyboard and HydraSynth Deluxe will see a run of 200 limited-edition versions.

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Pricing & Availability

The HydraSynth and HydraSynth Deluxe Silver Editions are expected to be shipping later in June 2024, priced at $1649£1799 and $2149£2299 respectively. Prices include VAT.

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