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Audified Synergy R1 reverb - Summer NAMM

DAW-controlled 500-series algorithmic reverb launched with analogue saturation

Audified have many years of experience building plug-ins but with R1, they are venturing into the world of hardware. Now they’re announcing that they have entered the high-end studio hardware world with the Synergy R1 Reverb.

The device is a high-end, DAW-controlled audio processing module in 500 series. It contains a powerful DSP processor offering seven types of algorithms. In addition, there are three pure analogue saturating circuits available. Their creation is based on the company's knowledge of historical studio gear, the same gear they love to model in their plug-ins.

The Synergy R1 can be remotely controlled by the VST/AAX/AU plug-in for PC and Mac or by the standalone application. That makes the studio workflow much easier than with ordinary hardware. You can store your settings within your DAW and even automate the device.

We managed to get a quick look and a brief demo with Jason from US distributor Eleven Dimensions Media. Synergy R1 Reverb will be available in September 2017. If you’re at the Summer NAMM Show, you too will be able to touch it at Booth 227. Those who are not visiting, you may listen to the sound samples and get more info at the Synergy R1 Reverb page.

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