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Audio Modeling partner with GPU Audio

Physical modelling instruments to gain GPU processing support

Audio Modeling GPU Audio partnership graphics card-powered physical modelling string brass woodwind instruments

Audio Modeling have announced a partnership that will see their SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) instrument line-up gain support for GPU Audio’s graphics card-powered processing technology.

The product range utilises three engines: SWAM-B, SWAM-W and SWAM-S, which have been designed to meticulously emulate the sound of brass, woodwind and string instruments, respectively. Each of the engines combine the concepts of physical and behavioural modelling with a technology that Audio Modeling refer to as Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample-Morphing.

The results are said to allow musicians, composers and producers to overcome the limitations of traditional samplers, offering an expressive instrument that captures all the dynamic nuances of its real-world counterpart. The use of physical modelling rather than samples also means that the resulting instruments require far less storage space than their sample library alternatives.

The partnership promises to unleash unprecedented potential — the processing employed by the instruments is CPU-intensive, so the ability to harness the additional power offered by high-end GPUs will allow Audio Modeling to develop their product line even further and deliver yet more detail and realism.

“We've discovered like-minded collaborators with Audio Modeling, who are actively exploring the frontiers of music technology. Together, we share a common goal: to provide composers and producers with cutting-edge music production tools. This goal will come to fruition as we integrate our accelerated audio processing capabilities with their next-generation SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) product line.” - Bill Collins, Head of Product and Partnerships, GPU Audio

"Our partnership with GPU Audio represents a colossal leap forward in the realm of virtual instruments. By merging our expertise with the cutting-edge technology of GPU Audio, we aren’t merely pushing the envelope but shattering the boundaries of what music technology can achieve. The increased computational power will enable us to surpass the existing limits of technology, fostering the development of even more lifelike instruments. In the world of physical modelling, the possibilities are boundless, and we believe we are only at the beginning of something truly extraordinary." - Simone Capitani, partner at Audio Modeling

To find out more about Audio Modeling, check out the link below.

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