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K&M celebrate 75th anniversary

Pro audio hardware company reach milestone anniversary

K&M 75 year anniversary

Founded by Karl König and Erich Meyer, König & Meyer (aka K&M) initially started manufacturing music stands in 1949 at a factory in Wertheim, Germany with just 10 employees. Their product line soon began to expand, and they saw a huge increase in demand for their equipment as rock & roll music became popular, eventually opening a second factory in 1969.

As they celebrate their 75th anniversary, the company now employ over 300 people, manufacturing and supplying a staggering 1800 products to over 80 countries around the world. They make a huge variety of music and instrument stands, as well as drum thrones, keyboard and piano benches, and a range of rugged stands and mounting hardware for pro audio and lighting equipment. More recently, they have expanded into the fields of multimedia, shop fitting and orchestral equipment, and continue to invest in new technologies and production processes whilst developing innovative new products.

They also pride themselves on taking environmental protection far beyond the scope of legal requirements, continually working to avoid waste, reduce emissions and preserve resources in an effort to ensure their production is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Their water consumption, for example, has been reduced by 94% since 1979, and a number of their products such as stand-mounted tablet and drink holders are now made from plant-based plastics.

They continue to operate from their Wertheim site, led by current managing directors Gabriela König and Heiko Wolz, who say: "Our products are characterised by a love of quality and functionality. With this spirit, we look to the future — to many ideas that are yet to come.”

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