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K&M: New Easy-Lock system

Latest locking mount mechanism announced

K&M Easy-Lock speaker stand tripod locking mount mechanism

König & Meyer have been manufacturing music equipment stands for over 70 years, and have built a reputation for producing some of the industry’s most durable and long-lasting equipment. Over the years, they have pioneered a number of innovative systems to improve the strength and functionality of their kit, and their latest invention, the Easy-Lock system, has been developed to ensure a quick, easy and secure setup of subwoofer and satellite speaker rigs.

The new locking mechanism couples a patented expanding mandrel with a quick-release fastener mechanism, allowing stands to be quickly attached to speaker cabinets whilst providing a tight and wobble-free fit. Expanding plastic splints are also employed to minimise vibrations between the speaker and stand tube. Users are able to mount and secure a speaker by simply placing it onto the stand’s distance rod, with a single twist motion then locking it into place. Removal of the speaker is then achieved simply by reversing the locking process.

The new system will soon be available on a wide range of flat base, tripod and extension rod K&M models.

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