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Audulus 4 modular now available

Modular softsynth for macOS & iPadOS

Audulus 4 macOS iPadOS iPad modular software synthesizer multi-touch AUv3

Audulus have released Audulus 4, the latest version of their macOS / iPadOS-based modular software synthesizer. The updated software introduces a range of new features, and whilst the instrument’s capabilities have been extended, the developers say that Audulus has retained its immediate and approachable user interface.

The iPad version of the software now features full multi-touch support, allowing users to interact with multiple controls at once when using Performance Mode. New knob colours and icons have been introduced, and new slider and X/Y pad UI nodes have been added. A new MIDI Send node has also been added, allowing a MIDI output to be created in order to control other software or equipment.

AUv3 versions are now available for both iPadOS and macOS, and a new Canvas Mode allows users to build their own custom user interfaces using the Lua programming language.

Pricing & Availability

Audulus 4 is available now on the Mac and iPad App Stores. It is free to download and try out patches, with editing capabilities available as a $19.99 in-app purchase.

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