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Austrian Audio expand Hi-X series

Hi-X60 headphones unveiled

Austrian Audio Hi-X60

Austrian Audio's Hi-X (High Excursion) driver technology has made its way into a number of different headphones, and now it finds itself in the company's brand-new closed-back design. The Hi-X60 is being touted as a versatile set of cans, suitable for jobs where both high fidelity and maximum isolation are required — such as foldback and front-of-house engineering.

“Expect great bass imaging and low THD at low frequencies”, say AA, “together with a linear frequency response and open, precise high-resolution sound that is very revealing and makes error-detection easy”.

In terms of creature comforts, the Hi-X60 is padded throughout with soft memory foam, while all moving parts are made from metal, for an extended service life. They're also capable of folding in on themselves, for easy storage and portability.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X60 is available now, priced at £319 in the UK and $419 in the States.

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