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Beatport announce Beatport Studio service

New subscription package launched

Beatport Studio Plugin Boutique Loopmasters Loopcloud samples effects instruments subscription

Beatport have announced the launch of Beatport Studio, a new subscription package that consolidates their production ecosystem, merging a collection of creative instruments and effects from the Plugin Boutique range with the extensive sample libraries from Loopmasters and the user-friendly workflow of Loopcloud.

Structured around a flexible and cost-effective model, the subscription aims to offer users all they need to establish, expand and refine their production style. There’s an impressive line-up of plug-ins included courtesy of the Plugin Boutique partnership, with instruments and processors from the likes of Baby Audio, UJAM, Applied Acoustic Systems, Lunacy Audio, Klevgrand and Excite Audio.

Members will also gain access to hundreds of thousands of meticulously curated sounds via the Loopcloud Sounds plug-in, which makes it possible to browse content created and produced by some of the world's most innovative sound designers, artists and vocalists  directly from a DAW session. There are even two different DAW options included in the subscription: Bitwig Studio 8-Track and Steinberg’s Cubase LE.

“It's an exciting time for music producers. We're proud to bring a new dimension to the industry by combining flexibility and choice, ultimately enriching the creative experience for our users. Beatport Studio is more than a membership; it's a gateway to a vast world of sound, right at your fingertips.” - Gareth Halsall, VP of Beatport’s Producer Group

Beatport Studio Plugin Boutique Loopmasters Loopcloud samples effects instruments subscriptionBeatport Studio brings together a wide range of instruments, effects, loops and samples from the likes of Plugin Boutique and Loopmasters.

Pricing & Availability

Beatport Studio is available now, with pricing as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription: $£11.99 including VAT
  • Annual Subscription: $£119.99 including VAT

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