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HK Audio expand LINEAR 5 MK II PA range

New mid/high and subwoofer units announced

HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA 118 Sub HPA active PA system speakers subwoofer

HK Audio have announced the launch of the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA and LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA, the latest additions to their LINEAR 5 MK II modular loudspeaker system series. The former is a long-throw high- and mid-frequency unit, and the latter is a compact high-performance subwoofer.

HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTAA cluster of four LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA cabinets.The company say that the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA closes the gap between point source and line array systems, with its compact horn-loaded cabinet offering the ideal solution for sound reinforcement in large, long and wide rooms, as well as open air events. Systems can be configured as ground stacks or flown, handling audience sizes of up to 3000 and offer coverage at distances up to 40 meters without the need for additional delay rigs.

Precisely tuned presets can be selected on the speaker itself, with the system offering options such as increased sound pressure or wider dispersion depending on the physical configuration of cabinets in a system, and further tuning of the onboard DSP is possible over a network using HK Audio’s free DSP CONTROL software package. The unit also features a DSP Out, making it possible to integrate speakers without their own built-in DSP into a system.

Line-level inputs are provided on XLR/TRS combo sockets, with Thru and DSP Out connections available on XLR connectors. There are etherCON connectors for network connectivity, with powerCON inputs and outputs allowing power to be delivered to multiple units via a single cable.

The new LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA is now the series’ most powerful subwoofer, employing an 18-inch driver and amplifier that is said to offer significantly more low-frequency energy than the line-up’s previous offerings. Despite its performance, it’s still a relatively compact design, and can be used alongside other cabinets in the range as well being paired with the new LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA.

It benefits from the same DSP system, with both local and network-based control options, and is equipped with 1:1 and 2:1 cardioid operation presets. The same set of connectors provide line-level and network I/O, and power is again handled by powerCON connectors.

Key Specs

HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA118 Sub HPAThe rear panel of a LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA.LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA

  • Max SPL (10% THD): 133dB half-space (100Hz – 12kHz averaged)
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 105 Hz – 17 kHz
  • Power: 600W RMS / 1000W Peak
  • Dimensions: 440 x 680 x 460 mm
  • Weight: 25kg


  • Max SPL (10% THD): 130dB half-space (36 – 100 Hz averaged)
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 36Hz – crossover frequency
  • Power: 1500W RMS / 3000W Peak
  • Dimensions: 610 x 610 x 790 mm
  • Weight: 53.4kg

Pricing & Availability

The new additions to the range are available now, with the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA priced at £1969 including VAT, and the LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA at £2490 including VAT.

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