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Video: HK add 5 speakers to Premium PR:O D range

Active full range PA speakers previewed

Press Release: HK Audio has bolstered its flagship PREMIUM PR:O range of modular, musician-friendly speakers with five new active fullrange cabinets featuring advanced DSP technology.

Known as PREMIUM PR:O D, the new models boast all the beloved features that have enabled the series to sell more than 150,000 units in the past decade – made in Germany build quality, resonance-resistant, roadworthy wood enclosures, timeless designs and exceptional live music reproduction – as well as state-of-the-art digital technology and intuitive plug and play operation.

The new cabinets benefit from all-new, DSP-powered preamps and the latest generation of ultra-efficient class-D power amps. However, technological advances and improvements in HK Audio’s German manufacturing processes mean that they are more affordable than their predecessors – opening up the new generation of PREMIUM PR:O to a huge global audience of live music makers.

Alexander Wollenberg, HK Audio Product Manager, said: “We’re immensely proud of the fact that PREMIUM PR:O D delivers more sound pressure, noticeably more bass and a more balanced frequency response than its predecessors, and at a cheaper price too.”

Martin Drumm, the HK Audio engineer who developed PREMIUM PR:O D, said: “Our focus this time round was on transparent sound with excellent voice reproduction and midrange qualities, and we’ve certainly achieved that. New components and the low distortion combination of 1" driver and CD horn also mean the D models achieve a full 90° coverage angle – which is hugely advantageous for the user, especially in wider areas over short distances.”

The current active PREMIUM PR:O D range (PR:O 8 A, PR:O 10 XA, PR:O 12 A, PR:O 12 MA, PR:O 15 A, PR:O 15 XA) can still be ordered until further notice. The new models have also been designed to be a perfect acoustic match for the existing PR:O 210 SUB A and PR:O 18 SUB A active subwoofers.

The passive range of PREMIUM PR:O speakers – which was recently augmented by HK Audio’s KEY RACK  1.12 unified amping solutions package – remains unaffected by these changes.

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