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Behringer unveil XENYX 1202SFX & 1002SFX

Built-in streaming interface & Klark Teknik effects

Behringer XENYX 1202SFX 1002SFX analogue mixers USB audio interface for streaming

Behringer have announced the launch of two new models in their range of XENYX analogue mixers. The XENYX 1202SFX and 1002SFX offer 10 and 12 inputs respectively, and are both equipped with a built-in stereo USB audio interface and onboard Klark Teknik effects processors.

Each of the new models employ the company’s XENYX microphone preamps, with the 1202SFX offering four microphone/line-level inputs, and the 1002SFX equipped with two. The first four channels (or two, in the case of the 1002SFX) are equipped with both XLR and quarter-inch TRS connectors, and all benefit from a three-band EQ with fixed high-, mid- and low-frequency bands offering ±15dB of adjustment at 12kHz, 2.5kHz and 80Hz. A switchable high-pass filter is also present, along with an effects send, pan, and rotary level control.

Both models then offer an additional four stereo line-level inputs, which will accept signals via quarter-inch TRS sockets, and are all equipped with rotary effects send, balance and level controls, as well as a 12dB gain boost switch. The last of the stereo channels on each mixer will automatically switch to USB audio playback when no line-level signal is connected.

In terms of outputs, both units offer separate main and monitor line-level outputs an external effects send connection, and a headphone output, all of which are present on quarter-inch TRS sockets. Two pairs of RCA connectors then offer an unbalanced input and output, allowing sources such as PC or console gaming sound to be mixed into the USB stream output.

An onboard Klark Teknik effects section then provides a range of reverb, delay, modulation and special effects, organised into a collection of 100 ready-to-use presets.

Both mixers are powered via an external DC power supply, and offer their USB connectivity via a USB-B port placed on the rear panel.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the new models is yet to be confirmed.…

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