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Xenyx 1003B mixer from Behringer

Capable of running on batteries

Behringer XENYX 1003B compact analogue mixer battery powered

The latest addition to Behringer’s range of analogue mixers features 10 input channels with five microphone preamps in a compact, portable format. The Xenyx 1003B promises to provide a high-quality solution for live work, recording, streaming and podcasting, and even offers the option of running on batteries.

The first two channels are equipped with a microphone input on an XLR socket, along with a mono line-level input and an unbalanced insert point, each of which are present on quarter-inch TRS sockets. The following three channels then offer a microphone input and with stereo line-level inputs, whilst the last channel serves as a dedicated stereo line-level input.

A three-band EQ with ±15dB of adjustment is present on all channels, along with a monitor send which routes a pre-fader, pre-EQ signal to a dedicated monitor output, and a post-fader external effects send. Despite the unit’s compact footprint, each channel is equipped with a 60mm fader to control its output level.

The master section then houses a global phantom power switch for all of the microphone preamps, and dedicated level controls for the main, monitor, effects send and headphone outputs. All of the output connections are provided on quarter-inch TRS sockets, with the exception of a Record/Stream output, which utilises a pair of RCA connectors. Power is delivered to the mixer via an external DC power supply, or alternatively, via 9V batteries. 

Pricing & Availability

The Xenyx 1003B is available to pre-order now for $129, with exact shipping dates yet to be confirmed.

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