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Nemesis 3 soft synth by Tone2

Versatile soft synth gets major upgrade

Tone2 Audiosoftware Nemesis3 software synthesizer softsynth NeoFM

Tone 2 Audiosoftware have announced that the latest version of Nemesis, their powerful software synthesizer, is now available. Nemesis 3 comes equipped with 100 new sounds, an improved audio engine, a range of new features and a reworked GUI with support for high-resolution displays.


Like its predecessor, Nemesis 3 is capable of producing sounds using a total of 13 different types of synthesis, including the company’s NeoFM method, which offers a unique alternative to traditional FM synthesis. A total of 100 new production-ready patches are provided with this latest version, all created by Markus Krause, the developer of Tone2’s range of software synthesizers.

The new sounds have been merged with the existing library and placed amongst the existing categories to ensure that it remains simple for users to find the sort of sound they’re looking for, but the names of all new patches end with “N3” to allow them to be recognised quickly whilst browsing.

Audio Quality

The company say that most parts of the instrument’s sound engine now operate at 64-bit instead of 32-bit, offering an improvement in quality, and that resampling quality when working at 44.1 and 88.2 kHz sample rates has also been improved. Pitch calculation is more precise when compared to previous versions, and the sound of the automatic micro-tuning has been enhanced, too.

GUI Overhaul

Nemesis 3’s GUI now offers a choice of 22 different sizes, with or without keys on display, and will now automatically detect the ideal size, as well as displaying a warning if users select a sizing option which is larger than their computer’s display. Support for hardware acceleration has been introduced, and the instrument now natively supports a range of high-resolution formats including WQHD, 4K, 5K and 8K UHD.Other GUI improvements include easier access to the Patch Browser, and the keyboard display will now continue to be animated whilst the Patch Browser is open.


The latest version also addresses a number of known bugs. An issue which caused some Windows-based DAWs to incorrectly scale the GUI of the VST3 version has been fixed, and a bug on macOS which continued to display pressed keys after their release has been resolved. A number of typos have also been corrected.


Nemesis 3 is supported on PCs running Windows XP and higher, and Macs running macOS 10.7 and above. VST, VST3 and AU plug-in versions are available, and there is also a standalone application. All patches created with previous versions of the instrument can be loaded into Nemesis 3.

Pricing & Availability

Nemesis 3 is available now, priced at $99. Those who already own previous versions are eligible for an upgrade price of $39.

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