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Tone2 update Electra3 synthesizer

Powerful multi-layer synth receives major update

Tone2 Electra3 VST Plug-in GUI

Tone2 Audiosoftware have announced Electra3, a major update taking the Electra software synthesizer workstation to v3.0. This powerful multi-layer virtual instrument effectively allows control over four separate synthesizers at once, and boasts options for 15 different methods of synthesis.

The new features added for this version include a scalable GUI with 16 sizes, HiDpi support, 118 new preset sounds, improvements to sound quality, hardware acceleration, new oscillator types, new effects, a multi-stage envelope/gate as well as more powerful modulation and an improved interface. 

Multi-layer Architecture

Electra3 allows for complex sound design possibilites thanks to its multi-layer architecture. This means that sounds can be built from separate layers and combined to create complex and evolving patches. The synth features four layers, each of which operates as an independent multitimbral synthesizer consisting of up to 108 oscillators, dual multi-mode filters, flexible modulation system, effects and its own arpeggiator. These layers can be combined in all manner of ways including mixing layers together, using keyboard splits, play modes such as Poly, Mono, Legato and Glide, or even combining any of the 15 synthesis methods.

The synthesis types range from traditional such as Virtual Analog, Wavetable, Subtractive, Samples, Phase Distortion and FM synthesis, up to Physical Modeling, Ultra-saw, Vocoder, Sync, Ringmod, PWM, Noise, Wave-shaping and Tone2’s exclusive Fractal synthesis. Tone2 say they have designed each of the 15 types of synthesis with special attention paid to sound quality, musicality and low CPU usage.

Two multi-mode filters are included in Electra3, each of which comes with the ability to select across 42 unique filter types and features tone controls as well as multi-mode distortions. The filter types range from traditional analog filters like Moog Low-pass, High-pass and Band-pass and digital ones like Vocal, Phaser, Aliaser and Fractal. Many of these filter types are exclusive to Tone2 and are not available in any other product.

Electra3 can also perform duties as a sampler. Samples can be automatically tuned when loaded, looping markers can be placed for noise-free looping, and the sample engine offers further audio processing tools thanks to its 24 included effects. Tone2 have included a collection of 1439 presets made by professional sound designers, with a smart patch browser and tagging system designed to be easy to use.

Tone2 Electra3 VST Plug-in presets browserThe update to v3.0 includes an additional 118 patches, which can be found within the refreshed preset browser.

Electra3 is available for both Windows and Mac users, with VST (64 bit), VST3 (64 bit), Audio Unit (AUi), and Standalone (64 bit) formats available. The software supports Apple M1 and M2 CPUs natively.

Visit the link for a detailed summary of the features to be found in Electra3.

Price & Availability

Electra3 is available now for download for $149.

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