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Trinnov announce iOS remote control app

Use your iOS device as a remote controller

Trinnov Audio iOS App Homepage

Trinnov Audio have announced the upcoming release of their new iOS Remote Control App on the App Store. The app will be available to both iPhone and iPad users running iOS version 15.0 and above.

The French manufacturer are renowned as developers of state-of-the-art loudspeakers and room optimisation systems, focusing recently on exciting advancements in spatial audio. This new application will let users control their Trinnov Audio hardware remotely via an iOS device. 

App-based controls include a volume control, mute and dim, the ability to select presets and an option to bypass the room optimisation features. These controls are shared for all Trinnov Audio models. Altitude32, Altitude16, Ovation2 and Amethyst users will have a source selection control, with Altitude32 and Altitude16 users also having the ability to select between listening modes and format the content display remotely from the app.

Price & Availability

The app will be available to download from 6th March 2023.

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