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GForce introduce Minimonsta2

Modelled Minimoog with added sonic potential

GForce Minimonsta2

GForce Software have announced their latest release, Minimonsta2. This is an enhanced rebuild of their Minimonsta synth (reviewed in SOS Aug 2005), based on an accurate reproduction of the sound of the Minimoog Model D with added sonic potential.

Designed to faithfully reproduce the legendary Minimoog sound along with expanded synthesis capabilities, the original Minimonsta was released in 2005 with the ability to assign LFOs and ADSR envelopes to almost any parameter. 18 years later, GForce’s newly released Minimonsta2 retains the fundamental architecture of its predecessor but builds on this in many ways, bringing this software synth firmly into the modern day.

Minimonsta2 still features authentic models of the Minimoog’s original filter, three oscillators, and ADS envelopes. This virtual instrument also uses GForce’s X-Modifier technology, which allows the user to create extensive modulations of almost any parameter via LFO or ADSR. This updated version also features an improved audio engine, new built-in reverb effect, a vintage control to model analogue imperfections, four programmable macros, alternative 4-stage envelope mode, and an alternative bass-preserving ladder filter.

This version enhances usability thanks to the new fully resizable GUI and redesigned patch management system, where users can search, favourite and tag patches. This update also adds over 300 new presets, bringing the total of included factory patches up to 800. A nice visual touch is the ability to change the colour of the instrument, with an option to select between dark wood, light wood and black designs.

GForce’s Minimonsta2 is compatible with Mac and Windows, running on both platforms as a standalone application, AudioUnit (Mac only), AAX, VST or VST3 plug-in.

Price & Availability

Minimonsta2 is available now at an introductory price of £49.99 + VAT.

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