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Gear4music unveil new G4M product range

Outboard, microphones, PA systems, instruments & more

G4M Product range studio microphones outboard PA system speakers guitar bass keyboard instruments

Music and pro audio retailer Gear4music have announced the launch of G4M, a new musical instrument and technology brand that the company say will offer a range of high-quality products to intermediate and professional musicians, producers and engineers. Over 150 products are already available, ranging from musical instruments such as guitars and keyboards, through to microphones, speakers, outboard equipment, amplifers and accessories aimed at the studio and live sound markets.


The new G4M studio range offers a selection of microphones, acoustic treatment and outboard equipment. There are currently four microphone models, with a handheld dynamic joined by one small-diaphragm and two large-diaphragm condensers, one of which offers USB connectivity.

G4M dynamic large small diaphragm condenser USB microphonesFour microphone models are currently available at the launch of G4M. From left to right: a dynamic, two large-diaphragm condensers (one of which offers USB connectivity) and a small-diaphragm condenser.

The range of acoustic treatment then offers a variety of flat- and corner-mounted foam tiles and wood-fronted acoustic panels with a selection of different cutout designs. Lastly, the debut products in the outboard category all utilise the ever-popular 500-series format, offering 3- and 8-slot chassis options, along with preamp, compressor and EQ modules.

Keyboards & Guitars

Moving on to musical instruments, G4M offer a range of keyboards, pianos, guitars, basses, amplifiers and cases. Both 61-key portable stage pianos and 88-key digital uprights are available, and a number of all-in-one keyboard packages that include a stand, stool and headphones provide new players with everything they need to get started for both practice and live performances. The guitar range currently offers a total of 21 electric guitar and 8 bass guitar models, as well as a selection of combo and head/cabinet amplifiers.

G4M guitar bass combo stack amplifiersThe new G4M range offers wide variety of electric guitars and basses.

Live Sound

G4M PA Systems passive active speaker column systemsOne of the new G4M PA systems.Those working on live performances and events have not been left out, with a wide range of speaker and microphone systems joined by a collection of staging and truss solutions.

Both traditional and modern, column-style PA speakers are available — with passive and active models on offer — whilst single and dual-channel wireless systems offer a choice of handheld, headset or lavalier microphones.

In addition to a selection of staging, handrails and fabric skirting, the new range also includes lengths of quad truss and the appropriate bases and connectors, allowing users to configure their own rigging system for audio and lighting equipment.

“G4M is the culmination of years of experience and a passion for music. We understand what excellence looks like and are thrilled to be launching hardware into the more advanced end of the market with eye-catching specifications and outstanding build quality. We have our sights firmly set on the future and are committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new lines that empower more users to realise their creative ambitions.” - George Hird, Head of Own Brands, Gear4music

A new G4M section has been added to the Gear4music website; to find out more about the new ranges and take a look at detailed listings for each of the new products, check out the link below.

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