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MOD Audio / AIDA DSP amp plug-ins

Latest collaboration utilises AI technology

MOD Audio AIDA DSP AI guitar amp modelling plug-ins

MOD Audio (previously known as MOD Devices) have announced the release of three new plug-ins for their range of amp modelling devices. Developed in another collaboration with AIDA DSP, and utilising AI technology, Vibro, JCVM and Tweaker promise to redefine amp modelling and provide users with a range of advanced tone-shaping possibilities. The company claim: "Neural models can significantly enhance sound quality by processing audio data with advanced machine learning techniques. This can enhance the realism, richness, and detail."


MOD Audio Vibro Fender Vibrolux amp modelling plug-inThe first of the new plug-ins offers a classic American sound, modelling the distinctive tonal character of an original Fender Vibrolux. The company say that they have faithfully captured the sound of the amplifier’s Norm and Bright channel modes, with the resulting plug-in reproducing all of its tonal richness, versatility and vintage allure.


MOD Audio JCVM Marshall JVM410H amp modelling plug-inThe second offering captures a Marshall JVM410H, providing users with a wide range of classic British amp tones. All five of the iconic device’s channel modes have been captured: Clean, Rock, Crunch, Lead and Metal, covering everything from pristine clean tones through to aggressive-sounding distortions, with everything else in between.


MOD Audio Tweaker Egnater guitar amp modelling plug-inThe last amp to get the AIDA DSP treatment is the Egnater Tweaker, a versatile unit that is renowned for its ability to cover a wide range of tonal options. Everything from American-inspired clean tones to British crunch sounds are present, and the model can easily be set up to emulate the likes of a Fender Tweed as well as a range of high-gain modern alternatives.


The new plug-ins can be used with any of MOD Audio’s hardware modelling processor systems, or within a DAW via AIDA’s AIDA-X open-source software platform.

Pricing & Availability

All three plug-ins are available now, priced at €19.90 each.

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