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MOD Devices release Guitar Synths

New guitar-controlled synth modules for the MOD platform

MOD Devices Guitar Synth feature

MOD Devices have launched a set of modular synthesizers that allow musicians to play synth sounds using a guitar, with no modifications or special pickups required. Running on their plug-in host devices the MOD Duo X and MOD Dwarf, this new feature is able to capture string bends, legatos, harmonics and other guitar techniques, and uses the resulting data to control a set of software synthesizer modules. For more details on the platform itself, check out our review of the MOD Duo X.

MOD Devices are making five different fully-built synth boards available, allowing owners to instantly plug-and-play with a range of ready-made synth sounds, as well as a Guitar Mix option which allows them to be blended with more traditional sounding guitar rigs. Users can of course use the new modules to put together their own unique modular synth with the MOD software.

More information is available on the MOD Devices website, where all of the synth boards and modules are available for free to MOD Devices owners.

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