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The best Les Paul ever?

LP 2008

How do you improve what many players regard as the finest solid electric guitar ever built? Gibson think they know how and, what's more, that they've done just that with the new 2008 Les Paul.


The improvements start with the neck. According to Gibson, the 2008 model features a new, asymmetrical neck profile "that makes it one of the most comfortable and playable necks ever offered on any guitar", they claim. The neck also features an enlarged neck tenon for maximum wood contact between the neck and body.

Locking Grover tuners are also a first for the Les Paul, giving the 2008 Standard an improved gear ratio of 18:1 and "making string changes a snap". All newly designed controls, including custom-made, gold-plated potentiometers made by Bourns, "one of the industry's leading makers of guitar electronics, give the 2008 Standard a new level of sonic clarity and intensity."

It's also one of the first Gibson USA models to utilise the revolutionary Plek system — a computer-controlled setup that carefully measures and dresses each fret, accurately measuring the height between the fingerboard and each string, virtually eliminating string buzz and providing "unbeatable playability".

On the pickup front, the LP 2008 features a set of Gibson's Burstbucker Pro humbuckers, featuring Alnico V magnets with slightly higher output "and a more open sound, faithfully capturing the magic of Gibson's legendary PAF pickups of the 1950s".

As you might expect, the guitar features a chambered mahogany body with either a plain or flame maple top, while new features include TonePros' locking Nashville Tune-o-matic and stop-bar tailpiece in chrome, and strap lock buttons.

Each 2008 Les Paul Standard comes with Gibson USA's standard black snakeskin case, and will sell for £1599.

Gibson +44 0800 4442 7661

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