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Bitwig Studio 2 goes even more modular

Modulation-laden DAW available now

With the release of version 2.0, the makers of Bitwig Studio have taken another step (or several) towards their vision of a truly modular DAW. From the beginning, this single-window production environment has offered a liberating approach to creating music, freely mixing Ableton Live-style clip-based sequencing with conventional linear recording and programming, combining audio and MIDI in the same track and letting you modulate just about anything using anything else. Now this first major update is set to further extend these modulation capabilities while adding new devices and some oft-requested features.

Bitwig Studio 2 is equipped with 24 new Modulators, ranging from standard envelopes and LFOs to more esoteric fare. An unlimited number of Modulators can be dropped into slots on any Bitwig device or external plug-in. Naturally, these Modulators can also be hooked up to one another and, when using Bitwig’s internal instruments, many of them can be set to polyphonic mode, enabling per-voice modulation. The update also adds a host of new devices, ranging from audio effects to MIDI note effects to tools for integrating external hardware via both MIDI and CV/Gate with full latency compensation. Bitwig have also finally added audio fade and crossfade capabilities, for audio clips in the arrange and audio editor and for audio events inside clips. Other notable features of version 2.0 include VST3 plug-in support, numerous updates to existing devices and instruments and a range of workflow enhancements such as smart tool switching and a consolidated Dashboard to handle settings and file management. Bitwig Studio 2 is available now, priced 379 Euros$399. You can upgrade from version 1 for 159 Euros$169.

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